Connection (2013-2014)

Connection project is an emotional art intervention into urban space. Urbanization pulse dictates us its accelerating pace. We exist in it constantly thinking about keeping up with the time. We worry about making a career, reaching new heights, achieving something new every time. We do not notice our own ragged breath. We have no time to look around. We have no chance to take a break and just look at each other.

Dolls intrude into urban space. They capture its inhabitants’ attention and accentuate with their textile bodies. They are not in a hurry. They have time to look at each other and make contact in their own way. They don’t imitate anyone and accept who they are. So why can’t people follow them? Just slow down, take a break from the everyday race for illusive achievements and stop for a minute. Take the hand of the loved one and feel his body warmth.


2014 Connection, festival Inwazja Barbarzyńców, Poznan, Poland

Urban interventions:

2014 Berlin, Germany

2014 Poznan, Poland

2013 Donetsk, Ukraine